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    Setting E-Commerce Standards

    Whether you’re selling a $13,000 bike or a $45 can of paint, our team of user experience designers, digital strategists and web developers embrace the complexity of every challenge so that your customers get an e-commerce experience thoughtful in its simplicity, yet bold and memorable in its ambition.

    Gravitate is a digital marketing and web design agency where research-driven strategy and inventive design meet revenue and results. We’re not here to stuff big-name brands in our portfolio, but to partner with people—courageous people who want to be the standard-setters and redefine an industry’s digital experience along the way.

    Focused on clean design with a simple and fast shopping experience

    E-commerce websites need to be flawless. A clunky design won’t inspire your audience to shop, a simple hiccup in the checkout process and they quit, and slow speeds cause your audience to lose their patience.

    Our web design process starts with research and strategy, ensuring we know who your audience is and what gets them excited to shop so we can design the best website to guide them through the checkout process.

    We use Woo Commerce to power the online shops we build due to its seamless WordPress integration and user-friendly interface. We adhere to PCI compliance regarding security and facilitate other measures beyond PCI compliance.

    We are experienced and extremely comfortable integrating:

    • Payment Gateways (we prefer
    • Variable sales tax
    • Inventory and third-party tracking
    • Product variations
    • Pricing models
    • Dynamic shipping and tracking via UPS, FedEx, or USPS

    Then post-launch, we can partner with your team for ongoing A/B testing to increase conversion rates or plan digital marketing campaigns to increase sales.

    “Great company, great people. Staff that are creative and hard working combined with honest and sincere - an ideal combination.”
    Lorraine Wright - President, Element Cycles

    E-commerce Marketing Resources

    The way your customers think, behave and shop is changing. Today’s best practice is tomorrow’s antiquated idea. That’s why we commit to our own education so we can employ the right digital marketing tactics tailored to every client goal. Take a look at our library of e-commerce resources and articles for tips on how to better guide your audience toward a purchase.

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    Ready to start a project or really curious about our process? Drop us a note or give us a call (888) 217-9502; we’re happy to answer all your questions.

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