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    We’ve all been buzzing about the importance of e-commerce, especially with the current climate due to COVID-19. How can a small business get online quickly? How can established businesses engage their customers and generate sales?

    Steven Howsley (Senior Strategist), Colten Tidwell (CEO), and Alan Hwang (Director of Growth) sat down for a quick chat about e-commerce and the importance of customer retention…as well as more than our fair share of other tangents.

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    Key Takeaways:

    • Your existing customer base should now be viewed top of funnel too.
    • Existing customers are generally easier and cheaper to convert vs generating new sales.
    • Shopify is a great way to get online FAST and start generating sales. Shameless plug for our own e-commerce fast offering.
    • Leverage your network and partners. Now’s the time to find collaborations that will lift all sails.


    Quick Fact Check:

    Hey, we make mistakes too.

    • The t-shirt company mentioned is AllMade, created by the same founder as Ryonet.
    • The vet and mask business collaboration was between WellHaven Pet Health and Sweet Spot Skirts.