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    Welcome Lizzie!

    Part Cajun, part Puerto Rican, Lizzie hails from Lafayette, Louisiana and has the Gumbo recipes to prove it. Her friendly demeanor and smile are contagious but don’t let them fool you, she’s competitive, works smart, and never wants to lose. Perfect for taking on the challenge of managing internal teams and keeping clients moving forward in unison. We ❤️ her!

    The team asked, Lizzie answered.


    How did you end up in the northwest?
    I’ve always had the wanderlust to move from my hometown, ever since my first visit to Austin, TX, but I never felt totally called to one place or another. Once I started my career in marketing, I knew the PNW was the place for me! So many agencies, so much creative energy, and miles and miles of inspiration.

    What did you wish for last time you threw a coin into a fountain?
    I wished for a happy life! I always do. But I probably also wished for it to be with my now-husband and our two dogs. Wish granted!

    Who — outside of your immediate family — had a big impact on you as a child?
    I was really impacted by my volleyball coach. She was tough and only responded to hard work, and I wanted so badly to impress her! She taught me how to have thick skin and a winning attitude, even if I didn’t feel that way.

    What are you most likely to become famous for?
    I would most likely become famous for cooking! I was very intentional about getting cooking lessons from both of my grandmas. I know lots of Cajun and Puerto Rican recipes, and I’m always happy to have a house full of eaters (pre-covid, of course).

    How did you get into development and end up in this industry/role?
    I was rock climbing at the gym in Lafayette with friends, one of whom had created a proprietary marketing automation software. He knew I was just starting my career after getting my MBA and saw potential for me to work for him as an onboarding specialist. I got bit by the digital marketing bug then and haven’t looked back!

    What do you do differently than most?
    I think I dress differently than most! It has always been a creative expression for me (think cutting up old t-shirts), and I’ve always been interested in vintage fashion thanks to my mom who took me thrifting. I’m usually over-dressed and always have a story about my outfit’s origin, but I don’t take brand-names too seriously. It’s all about how you feel–Dress for Success and all that!

    Choose a spirit animal and describe why you embody this creature.
    My spirit animal is a lab-mix! I own two of them, so I should know. Really any retriever/water dog. I’m super friendly and affectionate, I love outdoor activities/water sports, I’m loyal and protective of those I love, and I will do almost anything for treats. I also love a snuggly nap after a long walk.

    Name something super overrated. Why?
    I think “keeping up with the Joneses” is super overrated. We can all find our own definitions of happiness and really enjoy our lives, if we’re able to avoid comparing those things to other people’s. It’s really that simple, but we tend to over complicate it 🙂

    How do you proceed when there’s no right answer?
    I’m typically pretty comfortable creating my own structure of “right”. That’s my queue to not worry too much about the outcome, and enjoy the ride! There’s a lesson to be learned along the way.

    What do you want your clients and future clients to know about you?
    I want my clients to know that they can trust me to give them my best possible service, because I believe every person and account deserves that. I’m not perfect, but I always try to be responsive, friendly, and helpful.

    Fire, 3 interesting facts about you? * I added one hehe

    • I’ve been the same height and shoe size since the 7th grade. (5’8″, Size 10 feet aka SKIS)
    • I have a degree in nutritional sciences, and I’m a total nerd for biology. Let’s talk digestion!
    • I’m terrible at pop culture references. Yes, I probably saw that movie, but no, I don’t remember the name of it or anyone in it.
    • I love the dramatic arts (watching and participating). If I could be the star of a musical, the lead singer of a band, have my own comedy special, and perform all of this at music festivals, I would!