Project Inquiry

    The more information you provide, the better we’ll understand your project and find the right solutions for you. Or if you’d like to talk to a live person give us a call at 888.217.9502. Talk to you soon!

    Here’s an outline to get you started. Downloadable RFP Template (PDF) coming soon.


    1. One paragraph stating who you are and what you do.
    2. List the URL (or URLs) that you want redesigned.
    3. List any other services you may need, such as:
    4. Brand identity (visual and/or messaging)
    5. Digital marketing (content marketing, SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.)
    6. Copywriting and/or designed content
    7. Media buying
    8. Photography and/or Videography
    9. Public Relations
    10. Website hosting
    11. Website maintenance (routine housekeeping, like backups, updates, etc.)

    Marketing Goals

    1. List your company’s sales and marketing goals: generate leads, facilitate sales, reinforce relationships, increase orders, etc.
    2. Explain how your website fits into your overall marketing program. What are your primary marketing pursuits and how will they integrate with the website?
    3. Explain your frustration with your overall marketing program and your current website.

    Marketing Toolbox

    1. Explain the state of your current brand identity. Advise if you have a style guide, and list your key messages.
    2. List your key audiences.
    3. List your key competitors.
    4. Indicate the quality of your current website content and explain your content capabilities. Do you have in-house copywriters, photographers, editors, etc.?
    5. Explain any other in-house capabilities for design, development, or other relevant skills.

    Website Goals

    1. List your quantifiable goals, such as traffic, conversions, etc.
    2. List your qualitative goals, such as brand awareness, lead quality, etc.
    3. List any known functionality needs, such as an open-source CMS, integration with a CRM, etc.

    Timeline & Budget

    1. What event, business condition, or sales window will inform the optimal launch date?
    2. What return on investment do you require? What is your budget range?
    3. Proposal Requirements for an Agency Response
    4. Capabilities
    5. Team
    6. Portfolio and/or Case Studies
    7. Recommended Solution
    8. Description of Process and Deliverables
    9. Timeline
    10. Pricing