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    You need a web design company to update your site or launch a new one. They need to be strong designers. You want to make sure the site is responsive. And you know you need them to set up the CMS so you and your team can manage your site updates. These are the foundational services of many web design companies. But there are some less common services to keep an eye out for that can make your site more effective, more long term, and more adaptable.

    An effective site has a successful user experience

    Any web design company can include user experience on their list of services. Because considering the user’s experience is fundamental to any web design. The question to ask is: What is the depth of this web design company’s UX services? What are the tools they use to develop the user experience? Are their wireframes based on the personas? To take it even further, do they include the details of functionality and calls to action that align with the tasks that each persona needs to accomplish when visiting your site? Basic wireframes use design best practices and common sense. Robust wireframes put the user in the driver’s seat, and base all information architecture, site structure and experience flows on their wants and needs.

    A long-term site includes a content governance plan

    No one wants an out-of-date site. Making smart design choices can ensure that your new site has a long life. But what about your content? One of the most common ways an organization can lose control of the modernness and relevancy of their site is by not knowing when to remove or update content, and where that content resides. An experienced web design company considers long-term content planning and governance when making redesign recommendations. A content governance plan will consider the form and topic of your content, its lifespan, how it can be repurposed, and when it should be retired or redirected. Paired with a content calendar, the content governance plan ensures that your team can maintain and refresh your site for years to come.

    Detailed wireframes, personas, user flows, and content governance are vital elements for any website design project. When considering a web design company, make sure their process includes these services so that you get the best site for your marketing dollars.

    Next time we’ll talk about how a web design company’s content strategy can ensure that your website is adaptable to the changing needs of your company and your users.