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    Last year, we backed a Kickstarter project for the Cube, a hand-held device that records the exact RGB, CMYK, and lab color data of any surface and sends it via Bluetooth to your smartphone. It’s a novel concept that we couldn’t help but support.

    After months of anticipation and sleepless nights, this amazing tool, which received over $100,000 in donations from backers, has finally arrived at the Gravitate office, and we’re stoked to try it out.

    How It Works

    Made by SwatchMate, an Australian-based product development company, the Cube is very simple to use and it only takes a couple of minutes to set up. After downloading the free Cube Companion app to your iOS or Android device and following the simple calibration instructions, the Cube is ready for action. From there, you just:

    • Find something cool to scan
    • Position the Cube on the object’s surface
    • Tap the button to capture the color

    Your smartphone will automatically display the information in a table, which you can share in a text message, upload to Facebook, or email to yourself so you can use it in Photoshop. You can also name the color, say, “Red Jar,” and then favorite it so you can refer back to it later.


    Test Driving the Cube

    When you can instantly capture the color spaces of any surface with the tap of your finger, you’ll be tempted to test anything you can get your hands on. And trust me when I say we did just that.

    We used the Cube on virtually everything in our office, including an evil ice cream dude, a button-up shirt, and even people. Seriously, the RGB colors of my skin are 181, 145, and 126, in case you’re looking for the perfect farmer’s tan.

    Overall, I’m quite impressed with how well the Cube works on different surfaces. I thought for sure it would struggle to read rounded objects, but it seems to do just fine. Like the setup says when you calibrate the Cube, “It’s made of magic.”


    A Designer’s Dream Come True

    After successfully annoying the entire office with my Cube-testing shenanigans, I completely understand why this device won so many awards. The creators, Paul Peng, Djordje Dikic, and Rocky Liang, have designed a brilliant tool that solves a common problem for many designers—the difficulty of matching the exact color of something around you. Whether it’s colorful graffiti on the side of a building or a beautiful flower that catches your eye, you won’t miss out the next time you’re inspired.